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Thea Summer Deer

 Herbalist • Educator • Author 
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Meet Thea

Herbal Practitioner

Welcome to my website, and thanks for stopping by! I am an herbal practitioner in the Energetic model aligned with the Wise Woman and European Herbal Traditions and draw from the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory. I empower people to seek the answers within by reclaiming an inner navigation system that leads us to what we need at any given moment. I am a conduit, resource, and guide for your journey to wholeness.

My involvement in Alternative Medicine spans 45 years as a midwife, childbirth educator, owner of MindBody and Evolutionary Press, and Executive Director of Resources for World Health. My area of interest and specialty lies in herbal medicine, Chinese Five Element Theory, and Wise Woman care. My articles have appeared in numerous magazines, books and publications. I am a BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies graduate and earned a doctorate in Philosophy and Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies from Venus Rising University. I practice clinical herbalism and teach at various herbal conferences, schools, and online at Wise Woman Wisdom.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I lived with the Seminole Indians at the Musa Isle Indian Village. I spent my childhood summers in the Appalachian Mountains of WNC, where I lived for 25 years before moving back to the Southwest. My mother was a gardener, and my interest in plants is lifelong. I love to write, garden, hike, cook, dance, and play music.

Music is a big part of my life, and I have recorded 5 CDs and toured for many years as a singer-songwriter. You can have a listen and learn more at Thea & The GreenMan. I would also invite you to visit Wisdom of the Plant Devas Blog, where I share herbal wisdom, Thea's Kitchen for culinary inspiration and recipes, and my Substack Blog where I share elder wisdom and good medicine.

Meet Thea
Why Herbal Medicine

Why Herbal Medicine?

The longest-lasting results from herbal medicine lie in its tonic ability to restore whole bodily systems. A tonic is an herb or combination of herbs taken consistently over time. I get asked this question more than any other, "What herb can I take for this symptom?" But that's not how it works. You don't take an herb for a symptom like a pharmaceutical. Herbal medicine can support the body to alleviate acute symptoms. But lasting change and relief from chronic health issues come from commitment and the consistency of being in a relationship with the plants that heal us over time. They have much to teach us about restoration; we would do well to incorporate them within an Integrative model. I am here to help.




Initial Skype or Zoom Consults are $125. via PayPal, and can take up to 2 hours. You will need to keep a 2-week food/beverage/dream journal before our appointment. Herbal, Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations and resources are sent via email. Follow up consultations are $75.

Herbal Remedies

New class offerings coming soon.

Current classes being offered through Wise Woman University.

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of the Plant Devas

The bridge between botanical medicine and Earth-Spirit Medicine. Available everywhere and on Amazon.



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You'll need to keep a 2-week food/beverage/dream journal before our appointment. Initial Zoom or in person intake can take up to 2 hours. Herbal, dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle recommendations and resources are sent via email. Initial intake $150 includes one follow up. Additional follow ups $75

Book & Blog

Wisdom of the Plant Devas: Herbal Medicine

for a New Earth

by Thea Summer Deer

Foreword by Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D.

A spiritual guide book bridging botanical & plant spirit medicine.

Herbal Remedies
Online Classes


Newly updated classes launching at Wise Woman School: Herbal Expertise and Health Advice You Can Trust

Love Your Liver:

Spring & the Wood Element



My goal in taking your class was to learn how the liver might affect hot flashes, but your gift of knowledge has far surpassed that and thank you.

— Helen R.L.

Thank you for helping me begin a deeper knowing of myself.

— Namaste, Kim

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Zoom consultations available worldwide.

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