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Thea's Gypsy Cold Care

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Elderberry Syrup

For coughs, colds and flu. Promotes circulation and elimination. Take 2 Tablespoons as needed in warm water or tea. Works best when taken in warm liquid to enhance diaphoretic action.

Ingredients: 9 cups Fresh or frozen elderberries 2 oz. fresh ginger chopped 30 whole cloves 1 cup honey

Simmer elderberries, ginger and cloves until reduced (approx 15 min.) Strain, return to pot, add honey and simmer until reduced by half. bottle, refrigerate and use within three months.

I harvest the fresh berries in mid-summer as they are more potent when used fresh. I watch for their white clusters of flowers in the fields or along the side of the road in late spring so I know where they are growing. You can also buy dried in bulk. The best way to get the berries off the branch when making fresh, and in order to not get the staining juice all over you, is to freeze them first. They strip easier off the branch this way.

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