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Edible Spring Weeds

Early Spring Salad, photo ©2019 Thea Summer Deer

The edible spring weeds are abundant, but transitioning from winter to spring is an art. Spring, after all, is defined by its erratic nature. This salad combines some of the heavier winter flavors (bacon and beets) with the lightness of spring all tossed together in a burdock herbal vinegar and bacon dripping dressing. I grow my own sprouts with Artesian spring water that comes right out of the mountain behind my house. Healthful , inexpensive and abundant. We are so blessed.


Wild Weeds, photo ©2019 Thea Summer Deer

Wild greens and flowers including:

Dandelion flowers


Chickweed (Stellaria media)

Violets (Viola odorata)

Alfalfa sprouts

Romaine lettuce

Pickled beets

Organic, applewood smoked bacon bits

Toasted almond slivers

burdock root herbal vinegar and pickled burdock root (fresh burdock root finely chopped covered in pasteurized apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks)

Bacon grease and drippings

Combine, toss and serve.

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