Thea's Comfrey-Goldenseal Healing Salve

Ingredients: Highest quality cold-pressed olive and sesame oils, organic comfrey leaf and root, organic goldenseal root, vitamin E from wheat germ oil, golden beeswax.

May be used safely as a healing salve for deep cuts as it allows the skin to breathe. Goldenseal has natural antibiotic properties, prevents infection, kills poison in the body, is particularly healing to the mucous membranes, reduces swelling and cleanses the tissue while comfrey "knits" the tissue. In addition to comfrey's ability to facilitate and activate the healing of tissue it also soothes inflammation. This salve is especially useful for scar prevention. It is also excellent for burns, scrapes, bruises, veterinary use and moms take note of this one -- diaper rash. Both Comfrey and Goldenseal are high in Vitamins A and C.

Is always made and sold fresh and has a shelf life of one year if stored in a cool place.

Precaution: Will stain clothing. Occassionally on a deep wound it will heal the outer layers of skin so fast that it closes over the inner wound that has not yet healed, so it is important to keep wound cleaned out (hydrogen pyroxide) and dressed daily.

The knowledge of the healing power of comfrey and goldenseal in flesh wounds came to me through my midwifery practice. I have used it extensively to heal perineal tears after childbirth with amazing results. I make a strong tea from comfrey root and leaf, goldenseal and sea salt. This is poured into a sitz bath and sat in while hot twice daily. The heat brings blood into the tissues which helps it heal more quickly. In the event of deep tears it can be used as a compress when it is best for the woman to remain reclining. If there is great swelling the compresses can be used alternately with sterile ice packs.


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